10 reasons #3

      Am revenit cu rubrica #10reasons și am ales o carte pe care am citit-o de trei ori până, apărută la Editura Epica. Este vorba de Mare Tranquillitatis, de Katja Millay

Iată 10 motive pentru care ar trebui să citiți Mare Tranquillitatis:

1. Pentru că Josh-panamea-Bennett.

2. Toate trăirile și sentimentele și emoțiile alea! Dude, parcă n-ai simțit nimic înainte să citești cartea! Scoate la iveală tot ce e mai sentimentalist din tine!

3. Pentru că la finalul cărții vei avea o mică obsesie pentru semnificațiile care stau în spatele numelor fiecăruia.

4. Nu știu cum, dar vă garantez că o să aveți chef de alergat când toate astea se vor fi terminat.

5. Pentru că dualitatea personajului principal e fascinant de urmărit.

6. Nastya e o dură. Și știe să se bată.

7. Este o poveste de dragoste diferită și mult mai interesant de urmărit.

8. Nastya nu vorbește și cu asta am spus tot.

9. Finalul este realist. Mai realist de-atât nu se putea.

10. Nu este doar o carte de dragoste. Este o carte despre salvare, mântuire, revenire la sine, despre vindecare și despre cum uneori, nu poți decât să speri.

Cover Reveal

SIY Cover

Title: Still Into You (Never Over You Series Book 2)

Author: Ryleigh Andrews

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 21, 2015

Cover Designer: Naila Qamber Design

Cover Photography: Perrywinkle Photography , MH Photography



What happens when you continually run from your demons? When Mia watched Ethan walk out of her life, she did what she did best—she ran—ran from the only person who ever made her feel safe; home. They work even harder to try and find you. He was her everything and she let him slip away. And when they do … they’ll come at you full force, guns blazing. Hitting rock bottom forced Mia to stop. Now she needed to dig herself out. Figuring out how to do that required help, maybe a plan. She had to face those demons. Not an easy task when she spent her entire life running from them. Would Ethan still be there for Mia after all was said and done? Or would she find that he had moved on? Or would he still be into her?


Mia literally wiped his mind of any intelligence he ever had with her disrobing. Ethan couldn’t think. Well that wasn’t entirely true. All he kept seeing was his hand sliding up and under her skirt, feeling the heat he knew would be there. When he finally broke through her spell, he threw on his shirt, put on his shoes, and helped her fold up the blanket. Grabbing the bag with one hand and her wrist with the other, Ethan stalked off towards their parking spot. He eventually slid his hand down and entwined his fingers with hers. In response she gave his hand a sympathetic squeeze. She knew exactly how he felt. He could only hope it was because she felt the same, that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. They made it to the car. He unlocked it and threw the bag in the backseat when what he really wanted to do was to throw her back there and fuck the smile right off her face. He needed to calm himself down or he’d take her with no finesse. “I want you, Mia. Here and now.” “And this is a problem how?” she asked innocently. Grrr … “Get in the car,” he ordered. “Seriously?” she asked, her eyes wide with excitement. “No way, Mia,” he answered. God, her obvious want just increased the desire to throw her in the car and fuck her right there. He eyed the front seat, a silent order for her to get in. Mia scrambled and got herself in the car. Closing her door, Ethan then hurriedly got in himself. When he finally pulled in the alley, Ethan let himself breathe. He opened the garage and pulled her car inside. Shifting the car to park, he turned off the engine. “We’re here,” he announced. “We are,” she said calmly as she undid her seatbelt. Then all hell broke loose. Fuck finesse.

About The Author


During the day, Ryleigh is an analyst, but even then, she’s writing, sneakily crafting scenes on post-it notes. She's been told she's a bit of a geek...some say nerd. She'll agree to it all. She loves music. It's been a force in her life for as long as she can remember. Her love of Star Wars and superheroes has probably been going on just as long...see, this is where the geek/nerd thing comes into play. But, most of all, Ryleigh loves the written word. She's been writing for a long time. Her first story came to her during one of her history classes. She wrote it in the margins of her notebook in teeny tiny letters so no one knew that she was writing a book instead of taking notes on 16th Century Europe. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband and son, along with her Siberian Husky, Mick Jagger, and her cat, Winston Churchill.

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SIY Full

love p


Commanding Her Trust (Under His Command, #2)

Lili Valente

March 2, 2015



Blake Roberts is falling hard for his old flame and won't stop until Erin is his. He doesn't simply want her body; he wants her submission, her abandon, and the wounded heart she's trying so hard to hide. He wants all of her and he's pulling out all the stops--in the bedroom and out--until she surrenders. For Erin, what started as a charade has become all too real. She's never experienced anything like the savage bliss she's discovered in Blake's arms. He tests her, dominates her, and if she doesn't gain her freedom, soon he'll own her--body and soul. She has to escape even if running from Blake feels like running from the only home she's ever known.  

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Controlling Her Pleasure (Under His Command, #1)


Released February 16, 2015


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Blake Roberts has everything he’s ever wanted—fame, money, and ownership of the hottest chain of tattoo parlors in the country. But he’s haunted by his first love, the matching tattoo they share a constant reminder of who he was before he learned how to control his emotions, his desire, and a woman’s pleasure. He needs to purge her from his heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be free. Erin Perry’s been burned by love and she’s not ready to put her body under a man’s control, let alone her heart. But then Blake shows up, the only man she ever truly loved. Blake is ruthlessly handsome, and seething commanding energy that has her aching to submit. To be pleasured, tamed, owned, and put under His control.    

Claiming Her Heart (Under His Command, #3)


March 16, 2015


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Blake has what he thought he wanted--Erin's submission, her trust, and the woman he loves back in his bed. But with her submission comes protection of her secrets. Erin is in trouble and an innocent life hangs in the balance. Blake knows he can help her break free of the past, but he doesn't know if a man like himself belongs in her future. How can he swear to protect her from danger when he has a dark side of his own?  

About the Author

Lili Valente - author

Facebook | Goodreads

Lili Valente has slept under the stars in Greece, eaten dinner at midnight with French men who couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths on their food, and walked alone through Munich’s red light district after dark and lived to tell the tale. These days you can find her writing in a tent beside the sea, drinking coconut water and thinking delightfully dirty thoughts. Lili loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her via email at lili.valente.romance@gmail.com   love 2

Regina Adevarata la Editura Trei

Poza coperta (accepta imaginile in mailul tau pentru a o putea vedea)REGINA ADEVĂRATĂ
Autor: Erika Johansen
Traducere din engleză de Laura Sandu
Colecţia: Young Fiction Connection
Nr. de pagini: 536
Preţ: 45.00 lei

Editura Trei
Primul volum al seriei Regina Ţinutului Tearling

Trecerea, un cataclism misterios, a făcut să piară cea mai mare parte a umanităţii, alături de tehnologia ultramodernă. Regresând în epoca feudală, dar aflându-se totodată undeva în viitor, supravieţuitorii o iau de la capăt pe un teritoriu nou, numit Tearling: un ţinut sărăcit, prădat de propriii săi nobili şi de regatul Mortmesne, condus de Regina Roşie.
Singura speranţă a poporului îngenuncheat este moştenitoarea tronului, Kelsea Raleigh, o fată de 19 ani care nu cunoaşte decât lumea cărţilor şi, mai ales, istoria omenirii de dinainte de Trecere.
Călătoria viitoarei regine este începutul unei iniţieri dure, pe parcursul căreia înfruntă moartea sub diferite chipuri şi îşi descoperă darul clarviziunii.

O lume fantastică şi înfricoşătoare, ce aminteşte de Jocurile Foamei!
"O lectură epică! Johansen construieşte un roman fabulos, cu răsturnări de situaţie la tot pasul şi personaje memorabile." – New York Post
Johansen inserează cu o mână de expert coliere magice, coduri de onoare, intrigă politică şi un grăunte de mister într-o poveste ce străbate spaţiul şi timpul." – Booklist
"Autoarea imaginează o maşină a timpului întunecată şi năucitoare. E posibil să fim în secolul XXIV, dar totodată şi în Evul Mediu? Această întrepătrundere a epocilor ne face să privim lumea de astăzi – şi mai ales tehnologia şi educaţia – într-o lumină cu totul nouă." – Glamour

"Cineva o apucă de subsuori şi o răsuci pe spate. În faţa ochilor îi jucau pete negre. Rana din grumaz i se deschise şi mai mult şi începu să-i pulseze cu sânge cald. Picioarele îi căzură fiecare într-o parte, nervii i se treziră la viaţă şi o lovi o durere nemaivăzută, de parcă gamba i-ar fi fost străpunsă deodată de nenumărate cioburi. Deasupra ei apăru un chip de culoarea morţii, cu două găuri negre, impenetrabile. În loc de ochi şi cu gura pătată de sânge.Kelsea nu putu să-şi oprească un ţipăt, până să-şi dea seama că nu era decât o mască."
Erika Johansen şi-a luat masteratul la Iowa Writers' Workshop, una dintre cele mai importante destinaţii pentru scriitorii în devenire. A început să lucreze la seria Regina Ţinutului Tearling încă din 2007, inspirată de un vis: "imaginea unor corăbii la linia orizontului". "Am vrut să-mi imaginez un scenariu de coşmar, o lume în care cărţile nu mai au nicio valoare, şi să văd ce se întâmplă", declara Erika Johansen într-un interviu.
Regina Adevărată a fost numită versiunea feminină a celebrului Urzeala Tronurilor, însă autoarea crede că seria Dune, a lui Frank Herbert, e mai apropiată de naraţiunea ei.
Warner Bros. şi David Heyman, producătorul seriei Harry Potter, au obţinut drepturile de ecranizare, iar pentru rolul lui Kelsea Raleigh a fost aleasă Emma Watson.
Nu poţi privi viitorul

Nu te poţi întoarce în trecut

Poţi afla secretul doar 
…apăsând butonul „Play”.

CLAY JENSEN nu vrea să ştie nimic despre casetele pe care le-a înregistrat Hannah Baker. Hannah a murit. Şi secretele ei ar trebui îngropate odată cu ea.

Dar vocea acesteia îi spune că numele lui se regăseşte pe casete – şi că, într-un fel, el este responsabil de moartea ei.

Pe tot parcursul nopţii, Clay ascultă înregistrările. Merge pe urmele indicaţiilor lăsate de Hannah, prin orăşelul în care locuieşte… şi ceea ce descoperă îi va schimba viaţa pentru totdeauna.

De la primele pagini n-am stiut la ce sa ma astept tinand cont de ideea carti si pe tot parcursul volumul n-am stiut ce sa cred. Mi s-a parut interesant cum autorul a scris cartea, cum gandurile lui Hannah se intrepatrund cu cele ale lui Clay si cum prin intermediul casetelor pana la urma avem doua perspective. Caci in timp ce Hannah vorbeste, Clay comenteaza pe margine si am putut sa observ cum fiecare a avut un alt gand intr-o anumita privinta sau intr-un moment.

Chiar ma gandeam atat cand am auzit prima data de carte, dar si cand m-am apucat de ea care ar putea fi cele 13 motive care au convins-o pe Hannah sa renunte la viata si cred ca am avut asteptari prea mari.

Nu zic ca aceasta carte nu e buna sau nu e bine scrisa, caci am zis mai sus ca mi-a placut constructia si stilul autorului, dar de la mine pentru motivele alea are un minus. Adica eu daca as fi fost in locul ei nu m-as fi sinucis pentru ce-a considerat ea asa de grav.

Dar poate ea a fost mai sensibila si acele motive chiar au capatat acea umbra uriasa in mintea si viata ei. Nu e o carte uimitoare sau care sa te lase cu gura cascata, dar nici una pe langa care sa treci si s-o numesti plictisitoare sau fara rost. E o carte ok, scrisa bine, gandita bine, dar repet, acele motive pe mine nu prea m-au convins. Eu v-o recomand, o lectura usoara, dar putin diferita.

Release Blitz

blog cover1

Recomandarea zilei

Jodi si Todd se afla intr-un moment de cumpana al relatiei lor. Totul e in pericol, inclusiv viata prospera pe care o duc in locuinta lor din Chicago. Chiar daca nu sunt casatoriti, sunt impreuna de peste douazeci de ani. El este un antreprenor bogat, iar ea, psihoterapeuta. Romanul este un thriller psihologic despre casnicie si crima, rutina si nevoia de nou, despre disolutia unei relatii, relatat alternativ din perspectiva celor doua personaje principale. 

Recomandare film

Recomandare muzicala

Este anul 1996, si nici jumatate din elevii de liceu din America nu au folosit vreodata internetul. Viata in cyberspace este la inceputuri, iar retelele de socializare nu exista nici macar in proiect.

Si totusi...

Emma tocmai a primit primul ei computer si un misterios CD-ROM de la America Online.

Josh este vecinul ei si prietenul ei cel mai bun, chiar daca din noiembrie trecut lucrurile au fost putin cam dificile intre ei. Cei doi se conecteaza si se logheaza...si ajung automat pe Facebook… dar Facebook-ul nu a fost inventat inca!!!

Josh si Emma isi privesc fascinati profilurile din viitor, peste cincisprezece ani. Sotii, prietenii, carierele, casele, destinele lor - totul este aici. Dar nu e ceea ce asteptau ei; si de fiecare data cand isi deschid pagina, viitorul lor se modifica. Si in timp ce se lupta cu suisurile si coborasurile vietii lor viitoare, sunt obligati sa se confrunte cu lucrurile bune - sau rele - pe care le fac in prezent.


Intrigant este faptul ce-ai face daca ti-ai cunoaste viitorul? L-ai schimba? Ai incerca sa nu faci cea mai mica greseala ca sa nu se strice? Sau chiar voit l-ai modifica in asa fel incat sa-ti placa tie?

Insa cand il stii esti la o rascruce: sa-l schimb sau sa-l las asa? Daca-l schimb va fi mai bun sau mai rau? Ce inseamna bun si rau? Ceea ce fac eu si schimb va influenta vietile altora sau doar pe a mea? Sunt intrebari la care cartea raspunde si la care personajele incearca sa gaseasca raspunsuri, dar si noi putem sa le gasim, in propria viata. E o carte realista in mare parte, exceptand partea cu facebook-ul, pe care o putem lua ca pe o metafora, si cred ca ne poate reaminti ca fiecare pas al nostru ne duce undeva si ca orice alegere schimba drumul, ca un macaz. Asa ca sa ne gandim de doua ori.

N-am sa va povestesc nimic legat de actiune, pentru ca nu-mi doresc sa stric suspansul sau sa dau vreun spoiler, insa va pot spune ca nu e genul acela de carte care sa te tina in priza. E mai mult ceva psihologic, thriller pentru adolescenti, roman care te face sa te gandesti la prezent si la viitor; adica nu e neaparat un vartej total de emotii care sa dea cu tine de pamant si sa te lase fara aer, ca vai ce-o sa se intample. Da, sunt momente de suspans, insa nu atat de puternice.

Cartea se concentreaza mai mult pe Josh si pe Emma, pe viata lor care incepe sa se schimbe de cand apare Facebook-ul, pe deciziile pe care le fac, gandindu-se daca vor sa pastreze viitorul intact sau sa-l schimbe. Atat Josh, dar mai ales Emma simte dorinta de a-si modela viitorul, de a-l schimba, pentru ca nu pare asa luminos, dar n-as zice ca sesizeaza cunostintele. Doar dupa ce facebook-ul se reinnoieste zilnic isi dau seama ca acele decizii nu erau tocmai usoare, sau mai bine zis, cu consecinte atat de mici si nesemnificative. Cumva cartea ne arata ca orice am face in prezent ne poate schimba viitorul, chiar daca-l cunoastem sau nu.

Repet, pentru cei ce cauta o lectura puternica, plina de actiune si aventura, nu e cartea potrivita, insa o puteti citi daca vreti sa luati o gura de aer si sa cititi ceva mai usor si mai relaxat. E ceva ce merita citit.


We love...

True fact

when someone you’re talking to says they hate FSOG and you’re all: 

Cover love

Stilul zilei

Forgiven Release

We are thrilled to be a part of the Release Day Blitz for the third novel in Lisa Helen Gray's  Forgotten Series FORGIVEN and the Cover Reveal for MALIK  the first book in her next series The Carter Brothers 

Title: Forgiven
Series: Forgotten series #3
Cover Design: Pink Ink Design
Author: Lisa Helen Gray



Everyone has their kryptonite, mine just so happens to be him. The womanizer, the male whore and the sexiest man you’ll ever lay your eyes on. With his dark hair, penetrating eyes, and his god like body beckoning to be touched, you can’t help but be hypnotized by the man. 
He makes me want things I don’t deserve, makes me feel things I didn’t think I’d ever experience again, not after the hurt I’ve caused, the damage I’ve done. Yet, when I’m with him or he’s around, I feel free, light, like I can finally live.

He’s everything I swore to stay away from, yet, like a moth to a flame, I know I’m about to get burned. 


I’m not a fan of the word no. Well, that was until the little vixen Kelly Dean said it to me. Not just once, but over and over again. I used to think of her ‘‘no’’ as foreplay, now they make me feel the total opposite. 

One night was all it took for me to become addicted to her. One night for me to screw up the best thing that had ever happened to me and one night for my world to start falling apart piece by piece. 

My mission to make it up to her isn’t as clear cut as I thought it would be. How was I to know two people from my past were going to make it difficult?
Thankfully one is here to make amends, but unfortunately, the other is here for revenge. 
Now I’m praying like hell that at the end of this battle, she’s my gift. After all, it’s her I’m fighting for.


 Now Available

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Don't Miss The First Two Books In This Thrilling Series!

Better left forgotten Book One: AMAZON UK/ AMAZON US
Obsession Book Two: AMAZON UK/ AMAZON US


Surprise Cover Reveal

I’m Harlow Evans. Shortly after my parents were murdered I moved in with my Grandma. 
It meant switching schools, losing friends, and moving away from the only home I knew. All I wanted was to finish the school year hassle free. 

Switching seats on that first day altered my life. After surviving the loss of my parents I never thought anything could break me, but then HE came into my life....

He wants to hurt me 

Destroy me

Ruin me

Tragedy brought me here, and a cruel twist of fate has me desperate to leave. There's also someone here that has me fighting to stay though.

All my life I’ve lived in the shadows, trying to go unnoticed, until I met HIM....
Malik Carter....

He’s broody, quiet, and holding on to a dark past. From that first meeting I was drawn to him, his painfully gorgeous looks and model physique, but I also knew he was totally out of my league. 

He's the boy next door who, with his domineering personality, has somehow etched his way into my life. 

When the Carter Brothers take it upon themselves to protect me from what’s coming, I’m not sure whether to be relieved or shocked. 

You see, when a Carter brother loves, they love fiercely, strongly and protectively. No one can get in their way. They’re also used to getting what they want, even if it means getting hurt. 

There’s one thing you should know about the Carter brothers before you read my story.... 

If you mess with one, you mess with them all.


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About Lisa

Lisa Helen Gray (1987) born in Birmingham. All Lisa has ever wanted to do in life, apart from be a mother, is to read and write, and at a certain age she wanted to be a princess.We can all dream, right?

Serious note though, she has been a passionate reader ever since her Nan first handed her The Three Gollywogs by Enid Blyton. After that, she lived in a land of fantasy. 
First came Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then Angel, and it went on to Twilight and The Hunger Games. Some would say she is a daydreamer, but she is just a firm believer that there is a happily ever after. Hence, her huge love of romance novels.
She got into reviewing other author’s novels, and then decided to publish her own work. Bringing us to her first novel, If I could I'd wish it all away (2014). 

She always has her head stuck in a romance novel and is often (too often) reminded of this. When she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing her next novel, she is glued to the TV series Pretty Little Liars, walking dead, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries and of course, Veronica Mars. Just an ordinary girl surround by extraordinary books
Lisa's Links